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Pension management

Employee pensions are one of the most unnecessarily complex and time-consuming areas of HR

Zippen is a value-added service designed to support employees in simplifying their previous and existing company pensions.

Benefits with bite

Creating employee benefits that differentiate your business from competitors is a challenge

As you seek new ways of attracting and retaining the best talent within your industry, use Zippen to provide a benefit to your employees that delivers ‘real world’ solution.

Let us take the complexity of pension transfers out of your hands, in a safe and compliant way.

We’re different

‘Consolidators’ do currently exist, but work to a very different model in one major way: where others will consolidate pensions into a new, additional pot, we enable transfers into an existing scheme.

Zippen has no ties to any institutional investment companies.

How it works

You have the flexibility to offer full or part subsidy of the Zippen consolidation fee

Your employees will each have their own account to complete their individual Zippen journey. Each month, we provide you a report of how successful the uptake has been by your staff.

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