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Building a picture of your pensions

What sort of pensions do you deal with?

Personal Pensions, Workplace Pensions, Stakeholder pensions – these fall into a group of pensions known as ‘money purchase’ schemes.

I’ve got a final salary scheme, can you help me?

Sorry, Zippen doesn’t deal with any Final Salary schemes. You’ll need to find a financial adviser.

Why would I consolidate my pensions?

Fewer pensions means more transparency and more control. Take ownership of your schemes and make a simpler pension picture work for you. Reduce the admin, lose the hassle, gain control.

I can’t remember who I have pensions with, where can I start?

Using your basic personal details and asking a couple of simple questions, we can get to work to find those missing pension pots that belong to you. It's your money and it's time to find it!

What information do you need to know about my pensions to complete this process?

Using your basic personal details and the name of your pension provider, we can put the wheels in motion to find out whether a pension consolidation might work for you.

I have an overseas pension, can you look at this for me?

Sorry, we can only consider UK Pensions.

What can you find out about my state pension?

State pension queries are separate to Zippen and should be directed to HMRC – follow this link:

How many pensions can I consolidate?

As few as two, and as many more as you like.

Can I consolidate again in the future?

Absolutely. If you move on to a new job and join a new workplace pension, you can take the Zippen journey again and see if it's possible to further streamline your pension picture.

My pension is very old, does that matter?

Not at all. Let’s gather the details and find out what you’ve got.

Does it matter how much is in my pension?

Not at all, there can be as much merit in consolidating small schemes of one hundred pounds as there is in consolidating larger sums.

Advice and regulation

What Zippen doesn't do?

We do not offer you advice regarding the way your pensions are invested. However, you always have options. We want Zippen users to be comfortable asking the right questions and to take ownership of what is rightfully theirs. Your pension provider and, maybe the scheme adviser, know the investments available under your pension plans and the options you have.


How long does it take?

The actual process of entering your data needn’t take long. What takes a little longer is the physical transfer once the request is made, this might take a week, or it might take six, it depends on the providers!

Why Zippen?

The sheer volume of small pension schemes that have been "lost" in the system or, that Independent Financial Advisers think are too tiny to bother with, has led us to provide a service that gives you the opportunity to consolidate your past pension schemes into one of your existing schemes. You can now have all of your pensions in one place, without the need for a new plan.

Why do you charge when other companies offer it for free?

Our competitors in the market are taking your funds under management by selling/offering you an entirely new pension scheme. We’re making the most of what you already have and aren’t looking to take your pension funds. We are also advising you. An IFA might charge upwards of £350 per hour* for each pension consolidation. We don’t think that’s fair. *source Money Advice Service

Is my data safe?

Yes – Zippen is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. If we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with our privacy policy.

I’ve entered the name of my pension provider, but it appears as a different company, why is this?

Lots of pension providers have merged/been bought out over the years – if the Zippen bot has changed your provider name, it’s simply because it recognises this and has updated to the new provider.

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